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Jun, 2022

Playoff Schedule


2022 PINTO Playoff Schedule
Game# Date Day Time Division Teams Field
P1 20-Jun Monday 5:30pm Pinto 12 vs 5 Pinto
P2 20-Jun Monday 5:30pm Pinto 11 vs 6 Family
P3 21-Jun Tuesday 5:30pm Pinto 10 vs 7 Pinto
P4 21-Jun Tuesday 5:30pm Pinto 9 vs 8  Family
P5 25-Jun Saturday 9:00am Pinto WP4 vs 1 Pinto
P6 25-Jun Saturday 11:30am Pinto WP3 vs 2 Pinto
P7 25-Jun Saturday 2:00pm Pinto WP2 vs 3 Pinto
P8 25-Jun Saturday 4:30pm Pinto WP1 vs 4 Pinto
P9 26-Jun Sunday 10:00am Pinto WP5 vs WP8 Pinto
P10 26-Jun Sunday 12:30pm Pinto WP6 vs WP7 Pinto
P11 27-Jun Monday 5:30pm Pinto Championship Pinto
P12 28-Jun Tuesday 5:30pm Pinto Consolation Pinto
P13 29-Jun Wednesday 5:30pm Pinto Championship Pinto
P14 30-Jun Thursday 5:30pm Pinto Championship Pinto
2022 MUSTANG Playoff Schedule
Game# Date Day Time Division Teams Field
M1 20-Jun Monday 5:30pm Mustang 10 vs 7 Mustang
M2 21-Jun Tuesday 5:30pm Mustang 9 vs 8 Mustang
M3 25-Jun Saturday 9:00am Mustang WM2 vs 1 Mustang
M4 25-Jun Saturday 11:30am Mustang WM1 vs 2 Mustang
M5 25-Jun Saturday 2:00pm Mustang 6 vs 3 Mustang
M6 25-Jun Saturday 4:30pm Mustang 5 vs 4 Mustang
M7 26-Jun Sunday 10:00am Mustang WM3 vs WM6 Mustang
M8 26-Jun Sunday 12:30pm Mustang WM4 v WM5 Mustang
M9 27-Jun Monday 5:30pm Mustang Championship Mustang
M10 28-Jun Tuesday 5:30pm Mustang Consolation Mustang
M11 29-Jun Wednesday 5:30pm Mustang Championship Mustang
M12 30-Jun Thursday 5:30pm Mustang Championship Mustang
2022 BRONCO Playoff Schedule
Game# Date Day Time Division Teams Field
B1 20-Jun Monday 5:30pm Bronco 10 vs 7 Bronco
B2 21-Jun Tuesday 5:30pm Bronco 9 vs 8  Bronco
B3 25-Jun Saturday 9:00am Bronco WB2 vs 1 Bronco
B4 25-Jun Saturday 11:30am Bronco WB1 vs 2 Bronco
B5 25-Jun Saturday 2:00pm Bronco 6 vs 3 Bronco
B6 25-Jun Saturday 4:30pm Bronco 5 vs 4 Bronco
B7 26-Jun Sunday 12:30pm Bronco WB3 vs WB6 Bronco
B8 26-Jun Sunday 10:00am Bronco WB4 v WB5 Bronco
B9 27-Jun Monday 5:30pm Bronco Championship Bronco
B10 28-Jun Tuesday 5:30pm Bronco Consolation Bronco
B11 29-Jun Wednesday 5:30pm Bronco Championship Bronco
B12 30-Jun Thursday 5:30pm Bronco Championship Bronco
2022 PONY Playoff Schedule
Game# Date Day Time Division Teams Field
Y1 25-Jun Saturday 9:00am Pony 7 vs 2 Pony
Y2 25-Jun Saturday 11:30am Pony 6 vs 3 Pony
Y3 25-Jun Saturday 2:00pm Pony 5 vs 4 Pony
Y4 26-Jun Sunday 10:00am Pony WY3 vs 1 Pony
Y5 26-Jun Sunday 12:30pm Pony WY1 vs WY2 Pony
Y6 27-Jun Monday 5:30pm Pony Championship Pony
Y7 28-Jun Tuesday 5:30pm Pony Consolation Pony
Y8 29-Jun Wednesday 5:30pm Pony Championship Pony
Y9 30-Jun Thursday 5:30pm Pony Championship Pony
Please note the higher seed is always the home team. Highest seed is #1

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