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Popcorn Fundraiser Information

Popcorn Fundraiser Details

Why are we doing this? 
PBO has not done fundraisers in recent times.  This year, we were given an opportunity to try a ‘no touch’ popcorn fundraiser.  It costs PBO nothing besides our time to coordinate all of this and our organization’s family time to try and sell popcorn.  One of our Thunder teams tried it and had success.  The results should help keep our organization strong by keeping the fields and equipment the best in the area.  It will also help purchase concession needs and ultimately keep league fees down.

Is this Mandatory?
No, this is completely optional.  We appreciate anything you are able to do to contribute to the success of Palos Baseball Organization.   

When does it start? 
The stores will be open June 3rd through June 7th.

How to sell?
Your volunteer team coach will set up a DoubleGood Event and provide you an event code. You use this event code to open up a pop up store that will link to the team’s event.  Once you have your pop up store ready, come June 3rd you just share your link with your family and friends. That’s it!

There is no physical handling or selling of popcorn, it is all done online and the orders are shipped directly to the customer from Double Good.

How to win SELL prizes?  (Everybody can win 1, 2, or all 3 prizes)

  • Sell $300 worth of popcorn, you will get a PBO baseball cap.

  • Sell $700 worth of popcorn, you will get a PBO Demarini Baseball Bag and the cap.

  • Sell $1200 worth of popcorn, you will get a custom engraved Maple Wood Youth Bat, baseball bag and the cap.

How to win the individual/household prize? (One for entire league)
The individual or household with the most dollars in sales will win a Nintendo Switch!
Only ONE winner for the entire league.  This is separate then the SELL prizes, sell prizes can also be won.

How to win the team prize? (One for entire league)
The TEAM with the most sales dollars will win a team laser tag event at Combat Chicago in Oak Lawn.
Only ONE TEAM can win for the entire league.  This is separate then the SELL prizes, those can also be won.

Where to see team totals?

When will prizes be given out? 
Prizes will be ready by the All Star Game

Thank you for your contributions to our Palos Baseball Organization!

If you have any additional questions please email us at [email protected]

Helpul Links

How to Create a Pop Up Store Video >> 

View Leaderboard Dashboard >>
You can get your Event Code on the dashboard page

Create Pop Up Store

Takes 5 minutes to create a store! 

1. Get your Event Code from the Leaderboard Dashboard
Make sure you find the right division and team!
2. Download the Double Good App from Apple Store or Google Play
3. Open the app and create a store. (do not create an event)
4. Enter name and optionally upload picture. 
5. Click "Create Pop-Up Store".

Now you can share the link but remember its a 4 day window to buy. 
There is nothing else that you have to do, DoubleGood will take care of the rest.
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