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2022 PBO Stadium Days

The Windy City ThunderBolts minor league
baseball team invites the Palos Baseball Organization to Ozinga Field
for multiple days of family fun as the baseball season approaches!
The ThunderBolts organization is donating game times at Ozinga Field
in Crestwood so our teams can have scrimmage games.

FREE ADMISSION, No tickets necessary!
Come watch our little sluggers play on a beautiful baseball field.
Extended families and friends are welcome.
Concessions will be open.

Thank you to the Windy City Thunderbolts!

Game Schedule

Please arrive early. You can warm up in the deep outfield. 

PLEASE note that 4/28 and 4/29 games have been postoned (PPD).

 Division  Date Time Away Home
 Pinto  3/27 PPD  09:00AM  Pirates  Marlins  
 Pinto  3/27 PPD  10:45AM  A's  Cubs  
 Pinto  3/27 PPD  12:30PM  Red Sox  Tigers  
 Mustang  3/27 PPD  02:15PM  Angels  Brewers  
 Mustang  3/27 PPD  04:15PM  Padres  White Sox  
 Mustang  3/26 PPD  06:15PM  Cardinals  Reds  
 Pinto  3/27 PPD  09:00AM  Yankees  Royals  
 Pinto  3/27 PPD  10:45AM  Cardinals  Guardians  
 Pinto  3/27 PPD  12:30PM  Phillies  Mariners  
 Mustang  3/27 PPD  02:15PM  Astros  Cubs  
 Mustang  3/27 PPD  04:15PM  Orioles  Giants  
 Pony  3/28 PPD  05:00PM  Rays  Guardians  
 Pony  3/28 PPD  07:00PM  Rockies   Royals  
 Pony  3/29 PPD  05:00PM  Yankees  Padres  
 Pony  3/29 PPD  07:00PM  White Sox  Guardians  
 Pony 4/4  05:00PM  Rays  Guardians  
 Pony  4/4  07:00PM  Rockies   Royals  
 Bronco  4/7  05:00PM  Angels  Yankees  
 Bronco  4/7  07:00PM  Rockies  Red Sox  
 Bronco  4/8  05:00PM  Nationals  Blue Jays  
 Bronco  4/8  07:00PM  Twins  Rays  
 Bronco  4/11  05:00PM  Cubs  Tigers  
 Pinto 4/10  09:00AM  Pirates  Marlins  
 Pinto 4/10  10:30AM  A's  Cubs  
 Pinto 4/10  12:00PM  Red Sox  Tigers  
 Pinto 4/10  01:30PM  Yankees  Royals  
 Pinto 4/10  03:00PM  Cardinals  Guardians  
 Pinto 4/10  04:30PM  Phillies  Mariners  
 Mustang 4/10  06:00PM  Orioles  Giants  
 Mustang 4/14  05:00PM  Angels  Brewers  
 Mustang 4/14  07:00PM  Cardinals  Reds  
 Mustang 4/19  05:00PM  Padres  White Sox  
 Mustang 4/19  07:00PM  Astros  Cubs  
 Pony  4/21  05:00PM  Yankees  Padres  
 Pony  4/21  07:00PM  White Sox  Guardians  

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