2020 PBO Registration

**First time players are required to produce a birth certificate to the registration.**

The onetime $50 volunteer fee for the 2020 season will be refunded after working a field clean up day or securing a NEW $500 sponsor. 
If you choose to not participate in a field clean up day or secure a sponsor, the fee will be forfeited to Palos Baseball.

Thunderbolts Information
As part of registration, the purchase of tickets to the Palos Baseball Night at Windy City Thunderbolts EVENT at $10 each is required. The date will be on Wednesday in June 2020.
As scheduled:
·         FOUR Thunderbolts tickets for the first player registered
·         TWO additional Thunderbolts tickets for the second player registered
·         TWO additional tickets for the third or more players registered

The maximum Thunderbolts tickets you are required to buy is EIGHT if you have registered three or more players.  Additional tickets can be purchased for $10 each.

The field maintenance duties are from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.
The field maintenance dates selected could change due to inclement weather.

For any questions, contact PBO at info@palosbaseball.org